Automatized accounting system and provision of social services when using personal plastic bank cards in the country of its residence.

This software is a tangible medium of cardholder’s personal data supporting applications related to social support services provision and accounting and other information and services.

The main functions:

  • Provision of transportation accounting in public urban passenger transport;
  • Receiving social discount to pay for goods in shops and supermarkets, as well as benefits in pharmacies when receiving for free or buying medicines;
  • Services in healthcare facilities, getting medical treatment;
  • Provision of utilities payments;
  • Assurance of cashless payment for services provided by municipal enterprises when paying for parking;
  • Creation of an effective mechanism of social services support personal provision to city residents;
  • Creation of citizens’ social security progressive standards;

This product may be used also as an entrance ticket to commercial organizations, trading and entertainment establishments, for providing its holder with various institutional benefits, etc.

This software is a versatile device which allows to personalize a citizen (according to categories) as a city resident and to use a card to get him various types of social support and services.

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