Monitor and Surveillance System of Excise Goods Movement

This system is designed to provide transparent and efficient accounting of the excise stamps issue with holographic protective markings, monitoring and data collection of excise goods distribution from the manufacturer to the ultimate consumer, providing access for an inspector or access for a state institution to the data about excise goods through the special unattached device «Reader» or an automatized workstation, enabling excise stamp authentication, data exchange automation between system participants and implementation of the additional physical protection from illegitimate excise stamps copying.

  • The main functions of the system:
  • Collection of applications for excise stamps issue;
  • Data processing of these applications for excise stamps issue;
  • Generation of graphic protective features;
  • Preparing data to be sent for print;
  • Sending data for print;
  • Collecting data about excise goods distribution;
  • Tracking excise goods distribution and location;
  • On-the-spot checks by Reader;
  • Authentication checks of excise goods by the ultimate consumer;
  • Cross-system electronic interaction;
  • WKS interfaces maintenance.

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